Coordinator of Workshop Lenka Kovacikova

"What to say about that workshop of ours?
It was my first "baby" project.

It took place on 23/03/2013 in Lantern Centre, Dublin 8.
   We hosted not only Slovakians, but also Czech and even Irish skilful hands. Regardless short notice we had a great turn-out (over 30 people). Everybody got their hands "dirty" - kids teenagers and adults. Even boys got to paint their first ever Easter eggs :)
All of us went home happy with hand full of beautiful decorated eggs and some of us equiped with handmade wipes, ready to use (as per easter traditions) :) 
We had a lot of activities planned, but we only got a few of them done (and I was first worried what are we going to do for 6 hours :) )

     As "a host" I can say, that I learned a lot from this experience and next year workshop will be different, much more creative ideas, bigger room ... and.... well you will see ;) Im so looking forward to it. Have some great thought already :)

     Once again, thank you all for comming and have a Happy Easter..."

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