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International Traditional Dance Festival - May 2015

Dear All,


Just to say thank you very much again for your beautiful performances! I have been getting wonderful feedback about the show! Everyone has enjoyed it immensely, it seems. Well done.

we are  thinking to organise ,,Intercultural Party'' for the adults . we will have DJ with intercultural traditonal music and modern music .. 

Few drink , introducing  and knowing each other better sound's  very interesting for me ! :))  

you can mention to your adult groups and let me know please , if you are interested ! 

thank you one more time . 

I think you did great job and i would like to organise more events and festivals with you .

kind regards 

Lasha Sabashvili


Choreographer , Event Manager 



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Tel: +353 89 46 66 746

International Traditional Dance Festival - May 2014

     Thank you very much for the great show! It has been an absolute pleasure to watch you dancing: high standard, energy, emotions, beautiful costumes! I hope you had a good time and enjoyed and appreciated each other’s performances. I have got the best feedback ever” 

Lyuba Moore

festival coordinator

Clane Festival - May Summer Party

Hi Silvia,
Thanks for yesterday.   You were brilliant and it was great to watch you perform.  Everybody loved you.
Hope to talk to you again soon.

Mary Dunne,
Clane St. Patrick's Day Festival

Radosinci and Ostroha in Czech Inn - Dublin

Este raz velka vdaka aj za kulturnu vlozku na afterparty, naozaj vyborne ozivenie, bez toho by to nebolo ono. Inak, Zuzana Kronerova mi vravela, ze z Vasej hudby a vystupenia citit radost, prirodzenost, ze to nie je umelo stylizovane a naozaj sa jej to pacilo a ocenila to. Tak aj takto male uznanie na Vasu adresu;-)"

Majte sa pekne,

Milan Lukac
Managing Director
Slovak Online Limited

Just want to say a big " Thank you" to all your group for coming along and taking part in our St. Patrick's Day Parade in Clane this year. You really looked terrific on the street.    Great response to this special Float.  It was an honour to have you and you looked great.    We got a few nice photos of you too.    Please check out in the coming days for further updates.

Please keep in touch with us and maybe you could join us again next year to celebrate our 10th Anniversary which will be a great celebration next year. 


Mary Dunne, 
Clane St. Patrick's Day Festival 


Thank you again for kindly volunteering your time to dance, sing and provide wonderful music for people experiencing homelessness in Dublin.  It was such a treat for the residents, staff and volunteers. There certainly were a few tears in people's eyes around the room. Such passionate performances! 


Ria Flom - Fundraising Coordinator


18 Nicholas Street, Dublin 8

(in czech language) Ahojte skupina Ostroha! Vy jste byli dnes vyjmecni a jedinecni - vystoupeni bylo proste bez chyby a "breath taking"!!! Moc jsme si to uzili a nemohli jsme pomoc sami sebe a poskakovali jsme s vama do rytmu - jste proste perfektni! Moc a moc dekujeme a doufame, ze se zase brzy uvidime a nebo neco podnikneme!!!

Michelle a Tym z Czech and Slovak Playgroup

Music and treats for Europe Day

Thank you very, very much for your wonderful performance yesterday. You were fantastic! You really added to the event and everyone was talking about your amazing act, when you left. The costumes, the wonderful music and the lovely performers all worked so well together. I think your Ambassador was very proud of all of you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do hope I can ask you to another event, when we are planning something else.
Warm Regards

Dee Lynam

The Slovakian folk dance group “Ostroha” appeared in their colorful national costumes, and set a very light tone for the rest of the evening. A lengthy and excellent program of songs and dance put everybody in a good mood to start the more serious part of the evening.

Dr. Michael Murray
director of the Lantern center

It was nice to meet you yesterday (14/06/2011), we hope you enjoyed the event, we got so much positive feedback from everyone so we feel it turned out well. From the volunteer centre we want to express our sincere gratitude for your part in the event and for volunteering your free time. Please see below our testimony for your website and we will send on any photos/ video footage when we receive it.

"FS Ostroha took part in the Liberties Multicultural event on Tuesday the 14th June. We were impressed by their organised professionalism and their polite and efficient manner in planning their performance. The costumes were absolutely beautiful and the music a pleasure to listen to. They got a rapturous applause from the audience and the feedback after the performance was one of high elation. We were overly impressed with the whole ensemble. Thanks so much also the the participants that took part in the Traditional clothes fashion show, we appreciate how the group went out of their way to participate fully in the event and embraced the spirit of volunteering and multiculturalism!"
With kind regards,

Dublin City South Volunteer Centre